There is this most adorable little restaurant out in Santa Clarita that specializes in all things tea! I have no clue why it took me an eternity to actually discover this place because it is just the cutest little eatery in the valley! If you ever feel in the mood for delicious sandwiches, honey mustard salads or dainty desserts, stop by The Tea Gardens. Overall it is just the most lady-like experience amidst all the tea cups and chandeliers! Pinky Up!

In general, I’m not much of a tea person to begin with, but when you are dining in a place called “The Tea Gardens” I feel like it would be all the wrong if I neglected to look at the tea menu. I really had no flavor to aim for, so I skimmed the menu and decided to choose ‘Paris’. The description was quite intriguing: 

'In homage to the city of love this tea is reminiscent to a popular french blend, a fruity black tea with lemony Bergamot with a note of caramel.'

Even after reading that lovely text, I honestly had no clue what I was ordering, I was just feeling a bit adventurous. Fortunately my instincts proved great! I just added a few sugar cubes and it was delightful! It wasn’t overly fruity and I could definitely taste that caramel undertone that the menu promised. Maybe I’ll become a tea lover!

As for the food, I decided to choose a curried chicken salad sandwich with a nice salad on the side. It was a simple sandwich which was all I needed. nothing too fancy, the curry seasoned the chicken salad well. I have also always loved honey mustard on my salad, so that was simply yummy as well!

Finally, the desserts, which in my opinion is the most important part of the meal. This is sorta like a dessert sampler with various cakes and bars (including my ultimate favorite: the lemon bar). Their version of a lemon bar was much creamier than others that I’ve had, which I found really delightful since it wasn’t too sour and overpowering. As for the others, there really wasn’t any dessert that failed me. I tried them all and they were the perfect size for a sampler! I’m not going to lie, I did think the menu was a bit on the pricier side, but with the freshness and the quality of their food I felt it was pretty reasonable! The Tea Gardens is a great place for some simple, pretty food!