Every Sunday morning, my two friends and I try wake to up early, around 7:45, to log in some miles on some local trails around the neighborhood. I really enjoy these runs and look forward to them every week, we catch up on our gossip, log in our base miles and most importantly we make sure to catch some crepes at our local farmers’ market! After running between 5-6 miles a nutella crepe really hits the spot. Today, another one of our friends joined us and we introduced her to her first crepe ever! How exciting;) 

We all happened to be wearing our Nike Frees today. I absolutely adore these shoes, they are so lightweight, cozy and quite stylish! They come in all assortments of colors, so you can even wear them when your not running:)

Then of course we go to the local community college to pick up our crepes, if I have enough money I usually get the nutella crepe with strawberries and bananas. Oh! It is just sooooo delicious, I LOOOOVE crepes! && the people at the crepe counter always spell my name correctly on the tray (which usually never happens) so that always makes my morning. Hee Hee

Sadly, I’ve been neglecting to post on my tumblr, due to my new exposure to Facebook(sigh). But my relationship with Tumblr is way stronger, so I will be posting more frequently! I hope Tumblr will take me back! :O Much thanks to my friend Favian for reminding me to post today :D