So there has been much hype circulating this little milkshake shop in West Hollywood called Millions of Milkshakes. The concept of the shop is very simple and clever and really showcases the power of Hollywood. It has been a hip spot to stop by due to the ideal location. Since teenagers and young adults everywhere have always been fascinated with the idea of celebrities and their fame and fortune, it’s no wonder this place is so popular. While a milkshake shop in itself is hard to resist, it definitely helps when you have celebrities promoting your shop. They may not be the highest class of A-list celebs, but its pretty cool to know your drinking the same unique beverage that Lindsay Lohan or Kim Kardashian or even JBiebz created. 

Millions of Milkshakes located in West Hollywood, Culver City, and (coming soon!) Dubai.

So I decided to order the Lil’ Kim. I found it really hard to choose a flavor based on the celebrity rather than the actual ingredients, ‘cus I mean to be honest the “Justin Timberlake” milkshake could have dirt and toilet water in it and I would have still ordered it. But sadly there was no Justin Timberlake milkshake (sigh). Anyhow, I thought this was a good selection, notably, I really enjoy Lil’ Kim’s fashion selections and she has a great choice in milkshake ingredients. (bananas, raspberry & nutella) YUMMY! && gladly this wasn’t just an “all hype, no substance” food joint. The milkshake was actually quite delightful!

Thanks Lil’ Kim.