Coffee macaron from Bottega Louie’s!
On April 17, 2012 at 1:02pm

Coffee macaron from Bottega Louie’s!

Sitting on Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles is an awesome bakery/ice cream shop that houses various uniques flavors along with other baked goods and even sandwiches! This place has everything; quantity as well as quality! 

My mom and I stopped by just for dessert, but next time I would love to try their lunch entrees.

They have all sorts of sorbet and ice creams!!! I absolutely loved all the choices, and everything is made there so the ice cream is very creamy and delicious!

What really impressed me was all the assorted ice cream bars and ice cream sandwiches!! AHHHHH this place is amazing! 

So my mom ordered a chocolate covered coconut bar and I got a pistachio ice cream sandwich!

What makes these ice cream sandwiches so amazing is that the rich pistachio ice cream sandwich is wedged between a huge macaron cookie!! The combination of ice cream and macaron is perfect, why didn’t anyone think about this earlier!?

&&& of course, that ice cream sandwich was not enough, I just had to go back for more and try that amazing ice cream! There flavors are so unique, I strayed from my usual vanilla and went for the “thai iced tea” flavored ice cream. This flavor was incredible! It tasted exactly like the drink! GENIUS!

My meal was so extensive at Bottega Louie that I decided to blog about it in increments. Every aspect of the whole meal was so delightful that it’s worth blogging about it to this extent! As you previously saw the savory part of the meal was very amazing (especially those portobello fries), but just wait ‘til you see the desserts!!!! Between us 6 girls, we decided to split 3 from the menu. Bottega Louie specializes in sweets so we all knew we had to take advantage of all the goodies they had to offer!

So one of the desserts we devoured was the Farmers Market Tart topped with orange blossom cream and market fruits including some figs, apples and assorted berries. As it said on the menu, the fruits were very fresh and went perfectly with the crispy tart and the orange blossom cream.

Next up! We ordered the creme brulee made with Tahitian vanilla bean custard and fresh berries. The custard was perfectly crispy and the vanilla flavor was very intense. && the fresh berries topped it off wonderfully!

&& lastly Le Grand Macaron, my absolute favorite! To be exact, it is a vanilla macaron sandwiching French vanilla ice cream and once again topped with fresh berries and a rose petal. Just looking at it is such a pretty sight but when you bite into it, it’s even better! The almondy-vanilla flavor of the chewy macaron cookie with the cold texture of the ice cream is such a heavenly combination, that it’s really hard not to be rude when sharing it with five other food-loving girls…

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On January 17, 2011 at 11:09am

King-Kong-sized macarons…