My family noticed a nice little bakery while we were out eating for my birthday in Irvine called Layer Cake. Gladly, my parents urged me to enter and pick out something nice to treat myself to. The cakes were very intriguing but as i made my way in, what really hit me were the assortments of macarons they had. 

We’re definitely coming back to try one of these…

so pretty!

I think a bite of a pistachio macaron and a box of tissues will clear up my sinuses in no time!

On October 17, 2010 at 3:02pm

I had some delicious macarons last week from Paulette’s in Beverly Hills. Macarons are light almond cookies with a sweet ganache filling. From left to right there is the classic Madagascar vanilla, the sweet wedding almond, the Sicilian pistachio, the Colombian Coffee, the Caribbean chocolate and the Coconut macaron. Each one is so light and airy and infused with the best ingredients. I just love macarons because they are just mini bites of vibrant flavors. My favorite one would have to be the sweet wedding almond macaron. There is something about the unique almond flavor that I just absolutely love. Thanks for the yummy macarons Robyn and Arlene!

After going to my cousin’s high school graduation, we had a delicious lunch at a French-Vietnamese restaurant called Le Saigon Bistro in Castro Valley. This meal was soooooo amazing! And talk about great hospitality! The owners were so sweet and their dishes were so flavorful. This meal made me one happy girl.

fresh spring rolls with prawns

imperial rolls which included chicken & prawn, bean thread, scallions, shallot, and carrots wrapped in rice paper, deep fried, served w/fish vinaigrette

Bo Luc Lac- Le Saigon Beef (Filet Mignon) which includes cubed filet mignon marinated with a special house sauce and pan fried on high flame until medium rare


Tom Rim prawns which were huge and filled with flavor! First you savor all the seasoning that’s basted onto the prawns. Then you peel the shell off and dip the prawns back into the excess seasoning on the plate and bite into the succulent meaty prawn. WOO HOO

Chilean Bass

Ca Thu Rim- caramelized red tuna

This is the Papaya Salad that the owner let us try. Do you see those black flaky things on the top? When I first tried it I wasn’t quite sure what it was. Was it beef jerky? Olives? No! The owner told us it was cow heart! It tasted kinda like beef jerky and I really enjoyed it! Ahhhhh! Isn’t that so cool?! I ate COW HEART!!!

This is the Vermicelli bowl, served w/lettuce, mint leaves cilantro, shredded cucumbers, topped w/peanuts and fish vinaigrette

Fried bananas with coconut and pineapple ice cream. The owner buys her own vanilla ice cream and mixes coconut milk and pineapple. Yum Yum Yummy!

On May 23, 2010 at 9:12pm

While dreaming about gelato from Italy, I ate some gelato from “Melt” in the Topanga mall (I ordered mint chocolate chip and my mom ordered coconut with peanut-butter)

Fresh strawberry original cheesecake

Chocolate tuxedo cream cheesecake

this one was interesting: key lime pie, with mango topping and coconut at the bottom, a fruit explosion!