So this week I went to Disneyland with my two best friends and we definitely took advantage of all the yummy food they had to offer! What makes Disneyland so amazing is the great experience, from the rides, to the characters, and of course to the food! This Disneyland trip was one of the best, we went at a good time. Oddly my school decided to give us the wierdest winter break, so since the rest of the world outisde of Santa Clarita valley is going to school and work, my friends and I headed over to Disneyland where there wasn’t a line wait over 20 minutes, and no stress over large crowds. We basically toured the park before it got dark so we were able to relax and sit down to try all the yummy food.

Before we even entered the park, we decided to have some breakfast over at La Brea Bakery. Not surprisingly it was very expensive so we all decided to split a breakfast plate amongst the 3 of us. The bacon was very crispy!

The breakfast fueled us for the morning, but once we saw the churro stand we just couldn’t avoid it! As usual, it was very satisfying! (Sorry for the terrible picture)

For lunch we decided to head over to Tomorrowland at the Pizza Port to have some delicious pasta. It seemed like a cross between mac n’ cheese and fettucine alfredo. It was cheesy and delicious! This is a great place to stop by for lunch in Disneyland!

So while killing some time while we waited for our fastpass returns at the Indiana Jones Ride we decided to head over to New Orleans Square for some Mint Juleps. It’s basically sprite and mint with lemon and cherry garnishings. It’s very refreshing on a hot summers day..and even in the bizzarely 75 degree weather in the middle of January. 

While we were at New Orleans Square we decided to buy some Beignets served inside a bag filled with an abundance of powdered sugar. It was messy but it was so amazing! They were warm and fluffy and covered in all that sugar!!!

As the park was coming to a close we decided to end the day with Disneyland’s famous Pineapple Dolewhip. We decided to get the standard serving and then some dole whip topping some fresh pineapple juice. We sat in the Tikki Room and ate our Dole whip as we watched all the animatronic birds and flowers singing to us!

After we left the park we had some dinner at the ESPN zone in Downtown Disney and they had tv’s for each stall in the bathroom!!! LOL