For the most part, I honestly think The Cheesecake Factory is overrated. Their overly extensive menu proves difficult at the time of ordering, I mean they have options ranging from Italian to Chinese! At that point I’m so overwhelmed I don’t even know what I’m craving. I’ve learned that when it comes to that novel of a menu I must keep it simple and I will be satisfied…and bread, lots and lots of bread. 

The Cheesecake factory has the best bread baskets. I personally love the brown bread. It’s fluffy, it’s sweet and delicious. It even has its own facebook page! I don’t even know what’s in it, and I don’t even care, just give me some butter and I am good to go!

I think it is probably humanly impossible to have tried everything on the menu in one lifetime. I will suggest getting the meatloaf once in that lifetime though, they have some pretty delicious meatloaf. But, for my most recent trip I decided to go for the pasta. I feel that pasta is usually good no matter where you order it (it’s the cheese). As a matter of fact I ordered the Four Cheese Pasta. Yes, it was a delight! All that cheesiness and the tomato sauce on the hot penne pasta was very satisfying. They had ricotta cheese that topped the dish which I loved because it created this thick gooey, cheese-y sauce. Heaven! Another thing about the Cheesecake Facotry is that their portion sizes are monstrous! I couldn’t even finish my dish, especially since I was saving up for their cheesecake!

It would only be absurd to not order some cheesecake at the famous CHEESECAKE Factory because if their is one thing that ISN’T overrated it’s the cheesecake! So me and my friends decided to share two slices of the original w/ Strawberry and a Ghirardelli chocolate slice. Both were equally fufilling in their own way. I love to keep things simple so the Original with the seasonal strawberries totally hit the spot. As for the chocolate slice, it was rich and filled with some tasty dense chocolate! 

I just love eating out with all my food-loving friends. It’s always nice to know that I have 3 other girls scarfing down food as ferociously as I am! Yay, I love my food buddies! Thanks Amanda, Melissa and Rachel! 

If you go to the Boudin bread factory in California Adventure in Disneyland, they’ll give you free bread! I love FREE bread!
On March 18, 2012 at 2:48pm

If you go to the Boudin bread factory in California Adventure in Disneyland, they’ll give you free bread! I love FREE bread!

CPK serves stale bread…but it’s sooooo good. 
On July 27, 2011 at 9:20pm

CPK serves stale bread…but it’s sooooo good. 

So Last night I attended my school’s prom yesterday. It was located at the Park Plaza in Los Angeles, the same place where that scary movie Prom Night was filmed. eeeeek. Luckily there aren’t any psychotic teacher murderers walking around my school. At least, I hope there isn’t. I was very excited about the food, ‘cus I was told it was going to be extra yummy. Although, it wasn’t ALL that. 

The dinner included the classic salad, some pasta, cheesy potatoes, and chicken. Everything was pretty good except the chicken, I thought it was really hard to cut. But for catered food, it wasn’t too bad.

But to end my midnight cravings, my friends and I took a trip to Denny’s after a fun night of dancing. I ordered my favorite breakfast items: HASHBROWNS. yummy!